Friday, March 30, 2012

Flowplayer 201 Error in Commercial Build

Our site had been a long time customer of flowplayer. We have a commercial license. However the person who had purchased said license was no longer at the company and the account was tied to her email address. We didnt get the memo when flowplayer moved its builds to amazon s3.

Luckily my browser remembered the password to the account site - and I changed the location of the flash builds. However they were still using an older version, 3.2.5-0. After changing the links, the player would load up, but report a 201 error,:

201, Unable to load stream or clip file, connection failed, clip: '[Clip]

The fix? I needed to download and use the newer commercial builds found on the account page under "Commercial license. v3.2" - that, along with the new javascript libraries associated (3.2.8 at the time of writing) got things going again.

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