Friday, January 20, 2012

Grails Codec file location and extension

If you are just beginning out in Grails development, the creation of custom codecs can greatly increase productivity. Codecs help you code/decode (funny that) strings. Grails ships with a bunch of them already, but when you feel like you want to create you own, greate a groovy class file (extension .groovy), with the name ending in "Codec" in your projects graips-app/utils folder. Remember that if you want to place these files in packages, you will need to create the additional folder structure to match the package structure. A sample codec structure is shown below. This file would be in the folder grails-app/utils/org/mycompany/:

package org.mycompany
import /* imports here */

class SampleCodec{
  static encode = { str ->
   /* Coding data goes here */

static decode = { str ->
   /* Decoding data goes here */


Once you start your grails app, Spring will inject the methods encodeAsSample() and decodeSample() to the Java.lang.String class.

Start creating custom hash codes for your passwords now!

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